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What Ulrika did to John Leslie was dispicable, she waited until she had a book to sell before she mentioned rape and then let people make assumptions, she could have said whether it was him or not, she wasted god knows how much police time and the taxpayer paid for it, John Leslie was destroyed, no wonder he ended up on drugs.

These women who cry rape to the media for attention, money or whatever are an insult to genuine victims. If they were raped either report it, or not, that is the woman's decision and they must struggle with it, but when it is thrown out there to the tabloids it just sounds like they are lying.
And if he DID rape her, would she still be despicable? BIB - this just sounds moronic, sorry. You're not a genuine victim of rape if you spoke to a journalist?

All three of them bear some responsibility

Matthew Wright for not being able to link his brain and mouth, which unfortunately is a common occurance on the Wright Stuff, one of the worst panel discussion shows in television history

John Leslie for having no sense of self-control and living a life second only to Michael Barrymore in terms of life and career meltdown

Ulrika Jonsson for never clarifying whether Leslie was the alleged attacker or not, and for never reporting the alleged rape in the first instance.
She couldn't have said that he was without him suing her. She could only have spoken out to clarify that it wasn't him. And why wouldn't she?
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