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Because he could have sued her. You can't just accuse people in the press, you have to go through the legal procedure.

She let people know she was raped, she didn't want to go to the police. Her decision. The chances of a conviction after so long would have been virtually non-existent.

If you mean why did she say it wasn't him - well, perhaps because it was?
I think you've misunderstood.

You said
She could only have spoken out to clarify that it wasn't him
What I meant when I asked why didn't she, was if she'd said it wasn't him, she'd have been saving an innocent man a lot of heartache. I don't believe he did it, because if he had, why didn't she go to the police in the first place? Naturally if it wasn't him she'd have been sued if she'd named him - that goes without saying.
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