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A few things to note:
- Jenny Frost is heavily pregnant (or very recently given birth), and couldn't take part. The other girls had no choice but to recruit Katona and have stated that Frost is welcome to return as soon as she is ready. Not sure if that would be in place of Katona (likely) or to build a quartet.

- Lyndsay from Bewitched is actually married to Lee from 911

- The Honeyz have ANOTHER lineup, Heavenly is there but so is her initial replacement Mariam (goodman?), the girl who didn't return is Naima, the French one who never song. This is therefore the strongest vocally and out of all the groups, their old material has aged best. Finally found is a classic and the girls may well have had a longer career had they not tried to go street.

- Mariam was of course originally in Solid HarmoniE which is why they are not in the show (and the fact that no one remembers them despite being arguably the prototype for Max Martin - BSB/Britney pop songs)

- SInead from Bewitched is of course ancient, and is well over 40 as she was in her 30's during their peak. But look at Una from the Saturdays, she's 32 now!

- Jay from 5 has shunned celebrity entirely and has tried to shut down fan sites on him. He is potentially suffering from psychological issues, but certainly regretful of his foray into pop despite the financial rewards that came.
Then Liz & Natasha should have declined the offer to do this tbh even if they had Jenny`s blessing`s
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