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Sorry to break this to you, but ....
If they don't pay you to take it off their hands, then it's over-priced!!
Easily the worst of the series (and I quite liked the others!!), it is quite horrendous.
The first time that I have ever wished for the leading character in a movie to be killed hideously, because they behaved like such a dimwit!

But .... then again ... it's your choice and you takes your chances...
Wouldn't dream of dictating to you, unlike some people ...

I've had enough people tell me on the DS Movie Forum that;
* the 1974 "Texas Chainsaw Massacre" is NOT a classic Horror film,
* that "Avengers" and "Dark Knight Rises" were NOT great films
* that "Amazing Spiderman" WAS a great film.

Poorly tasted Philistines, the lot of you!!
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