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I understand the subject of homosexuality still begets a vociferous response, but that was not my intention at all.

The parallel I make is in the ability for big agenda driven finance to conjurer miracles when it comes to turning a minority behaviour into a fully accepted and promoted norm, against the overwhelming majority of people who would not take part in the activity promoted.
But not taking part does not mean the activity is wrong. Homosexual relationships are a normal part of evolution/gods creation. Child abuse is just that. Abuse. Of course homosexual people had an agenda. They were terribly discriminated against for no other reason than people did not like the fact that they were gay. Fortunately society (most of it) has grown up enough to realise that they are absolutely right and free to be gay. A paedophile creates a distorted relationship with a vulnerable human being. That is why it is wrong and illegal. The bible never mentions paedophilia as a sin. Not sure why but as a rule book to follow it has some pretty massive holes in it.
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