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NAMBLA keep on trying:

I daren't put a link to their actually site in case the post gets pulled for some reason.
They can try all they like, you see to me the majority of us will never fall for it.

If I heard a situation of a 15 year old girl / boy having an affair with a 17 year year old man / woman then I would think , well yes its illegal but its only two years age difference before going a legal route lets look at the whole story, is it a genuine relationship or does the older person make a habit of this., there are some laws that can be bent as such as they will not be in the public interest to follow up.

However if I heard a story (when I say story I do mean that it has been proven not a rumour ) of a 40 year old man/woman having sex with a 10 year old I would want them arrested as there could never be any mitigating circumstances , and no group will ever chnage my mind on that however hard they may try.
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