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Also, although it could be argued that for some people it is natural to be attracted to pre-pubescent children because it is the way their brains are wired in the same way that gay people are attracted to their own sex because of the way their brains are wired, paedophilia is also about power over people rather than anything sexual in many cases - children are easy targets for people who need to have power off others.

Either way power or attraction it is still obviously 'wrong' - but should people who prey on children for those things be 'treated' in the same way?
BIB - Not sure I understand what you mean above - 'rather than anything sexual in many cases'?

Paedophilia is defined as sexual attraction to chldren, the crime is acting upon that attraction - ie. sexually. If it's just a power/physical-but-non-sexual abuse 'relationship', then we're not talking about paedophilia, we're talking about child abuse, which is not paedophilia.
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