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What a load of drivel. The only thing your posts 'beget' is a not even cleverly disguised, religion-driven agenda against gay people.
I can assure you there is no agenda, I am merely pointing out facts as I see them as cause for the rise of such a small group of people able to influence almost all aspects of society, not so much in a physical from but in the demand for the removal of the idea of heterosexuality as the standard.

Even by one posters claim to be a 10% split between the two, it is still a reality that is a very small minority.

Sorry you fail to comprehend my posts, but this is not an attack on the gay community, but I am against your lobbying behaviour and aims, and whether you agree with them or not I am entitled to speak of it, in spite of the exceedingly puerile cries of homophobia, we the majority are allowed to speak our opinions outside your beliefs.

It is like the tables have turned, am I not allowed to poke in to your personal religion, because you hare successfully poked into the countries.
Ge real will you.
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