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It's very hard to tell where it comes from Izzy and how much nature or nurture it comes from. But it seems to be widespread across all cultures and has been around for centuries suggesting that it seems to be an inherent part of human sexuality and is probably a sexual orientation in itself.

That doesn't mean anyone wants to see it legalised or normalised though. I don't see any benefit for children to have adults sexually interested in them. But accepting that it is a part of human sexuality might make society more tolerant and understanding when trying to deal with those with that inclination.
Yes, well they say knowledge is power, hopefully education and research could perhaps point to new ways to help identify such people and prevent criminal acts from happening, which would of course be a good thing. There have to be people willing to talk in depth to such people and try and analyse their thought patterns, try and figure out where abusive thoughts and desires may have come from, for that to be possible?. Throwing such people into a cell for a limited number of years in and of itself isn't going to help us learn anything to help us prevent future abuse, thats for sure...
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