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The are of the same taboo, sexual behaviour

But let us be frank here it is you guys dragging out the side issue of homosexuality, the topic is sex with under-age children, and as i continue to repeat, there are powerful forces pushing to liberalise sex with children. And as uncomfortable as the subject matter is today, it was the same for the side issue pre-Bohemia and the 1960's when sex became a loveless hunt for heterosexuals.
So gay to you is a taboo.

There may be powerful forces pushing to liberalise sex with children, let them come out and try their best, they can talk all they like , it will not happen because the majority of us know it is wrong and that their talk of sex with young children is an unwanted abuse to the child.

But please stop equating being gay with being a paedophile , the sex angle does not wash and cannot be equated if you wish to do so as its a minority then you may as well say say the same for a black person or a disabled person, its not so long ago that those groups were treated differently to others, the fact that they are now treated correctly means we all moved in the right direction, but we did so because it was the morally right and well overdue thing to do , we will not offer the same courtesy to paedophilia as we know its wrong.

Being Gay, Black, Disabled, Red Haired is a minority , being a paedophile is being a criminal, two very different things.
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