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Hi Everyone,

Finally caught up, took longer than I thought, with an unexpected family death and Christmas. But I won't bombard people with to many of my thoughts just yet, other than to say, I had long thought walkers may be capable of free thought. But also I was wondering why the mutation or whatever you want to call it that everyone is carrying, is only active from the start of the walking dead. Could it be a government experiment, or a nuclear test or bomb gone wrong. Why now.

WHY is nobody in TWD asking WHY instead of what if or who?

Thanks to everyone for their help in finding the eps. Much appreciated.
The tv show and the comic books like to make you think what happen and why it happen so that why it's never really been bought up. It's more about surviving first and finding a safe place to stay then maybe look into a cure as like wudbury is kinda doing but its hard as there no national power going an as soon you making sound it invites more walkers to invade and over run the place.
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