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Marvellous genetics of the darker skin in that part of the world! I have a friend who lives here who's from Trinidad. Her mum comes over to visit sometimes. They both look years younger than their actual ages! We never cease to marvel at that - in fact, when my friend confided about her 50th a couple of years ago we laughed at her because we thought she was having a joke! 40, maybe, but 50? Surely not! And before that, before we knew how old she really was, and met her mum, for the first time we were guessing her mum was about 60... her real age was a shock too - she's 80! It's all to do with now the darker skin ages more slowly (and their hair goes grey much later too) so age is often hard to guess!
Er, I don't think any of that applies to the actress who plays Camille's mum (Elisabeth Bourgine).
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