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getting paid good money for vacuous twaddle about just existing.
Well said! That phrase perfectly sums up the current trend for people like LJ who simply serve up (repeatedly) this awful, self-indulgent self-obsessing about mundane stuff that the rest of us simply get on with! It's becoming more and more widespread, and it all feeds off anything that happens to be going on in the world. ....So, the newspapers report a story about, say, the importance of aunts, and the next day you can be sure the usual suspects will pop up with a couple of thousand words about "my life as an aunt" or whatever. It's just so dull and repetitive!

The trouble with people like her is that she's never at fault but everyone else is, like those people who gleefully dish out the insults but can't take them themselves. Tiresome, vacuous individuals.
It's breathtaking, isn't it? Even when she's pouring out the self-pitying whingeing about all these friends who have deserted her, it never once occurs to her to stop and wonder whether the common denominator might, actually, be right there in the mirror. Instead, she just blames everyone else and adds them to her grievance list, to be endlessly slagged off in print and have their private business made public, along with a regular inventory of the expensive presents she's bought them. Almost every whinge she writes includes the phrase "...even though I bought him/her a handbag/a cottage/a record deck/knitwear//an iPod/etc", which speaks volumes about her priorities.

But it's the stuff about her family that is the most offensive. Both the overt insensitive references and the snide, subtle digs. (Does anyone remember that time she said something like "As you all enjoy your weekends with your non-greedy families"....anyone else think that sounded like a veiled dig there?) I can't help wondering how her sisters feel, especially the sister she's been writing about recently in more and more detail (name, age, illnesses, alcohol problems) and giving away more and more personal stuff.

How can someone be so high in self-importance and self-obsession, yet totally lacking in self-awareness? How can anyone swan through life hurting and upsetting people, shouting at receptionists, offending shop assistants, alienating neighbours and antagonising motorists, yet remained absolutely convinced that if anyone dislikes her it's their problem, not hers?

ETA: I just found the "non-greedy family" comment I was thinking of above. It was the first line of a column: "I am feeling a bit stressed. ‘No change there!!’ I hear you chorusing over your uncomplicated Sunday brunch with your loving, non-greedy family."
From this column: Did anyone else get that feeling about the "greedy" reference? It seemed an odd phrase to use unless there was something loaded behind it, especially as this first paragraph goes on to refer to no less than THREE things* she has bought for her family members (*iPod, laptop and cottage!) A perfect example of exactly what we've all been talking about: the usual "buy expensive presents for people and then go on and on about it in print" routine.
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