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After wading through LJ's tripe my reward is reading the posts that follow it, as most of them are much more amusing than the drivel she thinks passes for Columnist of the Year material. However, it's alarming that some posters offer her sage advice and give it the 'You go, girl' guff. They also get on high horses and tell others off for rightfully pointing out her many blatant lies and inconsistencies. Are these people for real? One even suggested that everything she 'writes' is tongue in cheek and we should get over ourselves. So that person must be suggesting that it's just light-hearted banter she spews about her ailing mother, alcoholic sister, grasping nephews, fat, bloated ex-husband, etc.; the list could go on and on. Yeah, let's all laugh along at her stories of death and illness. Or are they saying, 'Oh, you sillies. You know none of it's true.' Her supporters seem to want it all ways. Whilst LJ is busy biting her thumb at all us deeply jealous people (her words), raking in obscene amounts of money for nothing, there seem to be others who think this 'nice, generous, hard-working paragon of virtue' deserves symphathy. B*****ks!
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