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I remember another girl at the time who told me that one of her older brothers tied her to the bed and that - she was a child at the time remember - 'some white stuff came out of him'. Apparently her father hit the boy with a belt for it. I wouldn't call that paedophilia although it was sexual abuse. Also she like me was under 10.

What I have described in my former post, to save nit-picking, is predatory sexual advances on a vulnerable under-age child i.e. me. I never felt I could speak of such things to anyone, and there were many such incidents.

What I learned was a warped view of men and sexuality. Things were sickening and horrifying to me.

I have learned to amend my view to a certain extent and have been married twice with children and so on but still feel it has damaged me.
I think you will get a few people who are extremely lucky and will be able to get on with their life with no emotional scarring from such events they will though I am sure be few and far between , the majority however will always have emotional scarring and who could expect otherwise .
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