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The saddest thing was when she was in my arms and peed.Then the vet took her away and husband and I walked home in tears carrying her basket.
I want to adopt another cat but not an elderly one or kitten.
I had her for 19 years,so she was with me most of my adult life.and judged all my boyfriends before I married!
Oh do please consider adopting one again when you feel ready - there are so many cats at our local shelter, and also at the Cat Action Trust (and I'm sure in the UK too) but as you know, often the first thing people think of is getting a 'sweet' kitten rather than an adult cat. However, I didn't want the 'kitten stage' thing (who needs all that litter training?!) but we did want a cat... and ended up adopting two 6 year old brothers (whose owner had had to give them up when she was put in sheltered housing). And then last year, two years after the boys, we adopted a young female stray they guessed was about a year old (we wanted a young female so our two boys didn't feel threatened). So we went from no cats to three cats in three years, but have no regrets, and if my children had their way we'd have another one! (But insurance and vets fees do have to be considered otherwise it's not fair on the cat )

But I draw the line at the cats being on the bed during 'intimate moments', much less bowls of cat food on the bed - and more than that, prawns? - at the same time! As, I'm sure, most right-thinking people would! (I don't even like the children taking cat treats upstairs to feed them in case they end up not being eaten and festering somewhere!) And yet LJ feels sorry for herself and confused and wonders why she 'didn't get any'? I read it in complete and utter disbelief!

Ok, if it's entirely fictional I can accept that, but it's not even sanely fictional - it's completely and utterly devoid of any sanity or clarity of thought whatsoever... and that, rather worryingly, makes me wonder if there is actually some basis in fact in there somewhere (with the animals on the bed, if not with the FRS in it with her )

The woman is bonkers - she asks questions that anyone with one brain cell could answer when it comes to why no one likes her or why she has no friends or family who will speak to her... although I notice we do go from "I've got no friends" to "my friend x, y or z came to stay/went out for a meal with me/had coffee with me" etc in the blink of an eye, so who knows what the real truth is? Certainly if only half of it is true LJ is not someone you'd be rushing to entertain as a busom buddy!

No one's saying people can't be kind to animals or rescue them, but unless you can care for them adequately and afford the vet bills etc then you are just as guilty of abusing them as those who didn't look after them to start with. A lesson LJ, if she's even telling half the truth about her struggles to provide what her menagerie needs, would do well to learn before she inflicts herself on any more waifs and strays!
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