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I remember another girl at the time who told me that one of her older brothers tied her to the bed and that - she was a child at the time remember - 'some white stuff came out of him'. Apparently her father hit the boy with a belt for it. I wouldn't call that paedophilia although it was sexual abuse. Also she like me was under 10.

What I have described in my former post, to save nit-picking, is predatory sexual advances on a vulnerable under-age child i.e. me. I never felt I could speak of such things to anyone, and there were many such incidents.

What I learned was a warped view of men and sexuality. Things were sickening and horrifying to me.

I have learned to amend my view to a certain extent and have been married twice with children and so on but still feel it has damaged me.
It's definitely going to give children a warped view of sexuality. If these early experiences are unpleasant and frightening, then of course the child is going to grow up thinking that sexual contact with others is unpleasant and frightening, and certainly not something to be enjoyed.

Another unfortunate effect is that the child may form the view that men are disgusting and cannot be trusted, which is what happened in your case.
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