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[quote=jerseyporter;63460862]Ok, if it's entirely fictional I can accept that, but it's not even sanely fictional - it's completely and utterly devoid of any sanity or clarity of thought whatsoever... and that, rather worryingly, makes me wonder if there is actually some basis in fact in there somewhere (with the animals on the bed, if not with the FRS in it with her )


I always get the feeling there are certain things which are definitely true--the stories she tells over and over again, literally dozens of times, with all the details exactly intact every time. .....And then there are the stories that she retells over and over again, but with details wildly varying from one telling to the other. And then there are the things she writes that completely contradict each other (like being simultaneously single and attached, sometimes within the same issue, or revelling in the freedom of being single at Christmas while at the same time bemoaning the desperate loneliness and misery of being alone at Christmas, while somehow also being in a relationship with a rock star!)

...And don't get me started on the frankly laughable and ludicrously unconvincing dialogue of the RS, the only rock star in the universe who speaks in the quaint antiquated style of an elderly maiden aunt and uses phrases like "Darling girl" and cuckold"!
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