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My father had a stroke in his fifties and recovered remarkably well (although it changed his personality a lot in a bad way - he became much more unpleasant and bad tempered, but he was still able to speak, write and drive a car).
This sounds pretty much like my Dad. It is almost 6 years to the day since he had his stroke at 52 years of age and he has recovered reasonably well apart from his hand shaking. My Dad can still speak and drive a car and do a lot of things for himself. On the other hand though his mood swings are terrible, he can loose it over the smallest thing and at times become violent. My Dad also suffers badly with depression, he can be unpleasant and he has lost most of his friends because of this as he takes things the wrong way and he thinks people are talking about him behind his back when they are not and he can be quiet rude. My Dad's stroke has changed our families life and we often have to live on egg shells and try and avoid situations so he doesn't loose it which is sad because on his good days he can be like the person he was before the stroke. I never realised before how much a stroke can change a person's personality.
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