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Very shocking. I really like him as a presenter and I am sure many will wish him well,

It is also a warning shot as there is a misconception that obese people can get strokes - anyone can.
I'm so shocked. I really like Andrew Marr, he's an excellent presenter.

My dad had a stroke suddenly 4 years ago. Whilst he's ok now, he is still quite disabled and needs a lot of specialist stuff and care, and it has been very hard work and slow progress. As you say, it's not only people in certain categories that get strokes - my dad didn't meet any of the criteria mazzy listed above, and still had a big stroke. He was fit, slim, healthy, active and so on. He seemed 20 years younger than he was, and spent the day before his stroke digging a massive pond. Apparently he had a blood clot in his brain though - no warning, no symptoms, just a stroke out of the blue.
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