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Given the thoughtful and thought provocing turn of this thread I thought I would post this.
Peterhead prison has been trying to deal with serious sex offenders for some time with various success.
I think its very important to try and deal with these people, ok the worst of offenders who kill in addition to their abuse etc can be locked up for life and you know they will not be free and cannot do further harm , but most will not be and will be released at some point so anything that can be done to try and stop them reoffending is good to my mind

I do think that with the Savile scandal paedophilia can be kept in discussion without it being a nogo discussion area , and thats the only way we as a society can try and deal with it. Canada has a group called Circles of Support who befriend paedophiles on release form prison so the person is not alone and has people to talk to so lessens the risk of them having opportunity to reoffend and I know Scotland was talking of something similar back in 2004

Paedophilia is not just going to go away as much as we would all love it to, so as a society we have to deal with it head on and for the sake of so many victims in the past and to try and save people from being victims in the future not brush it back under the carpet.
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