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some of these lists of famous gay people on the internet are quite ridiculous. like I was reading one earlier and it came up with all these famous names, and said "these we are 99.9 percent certain are screaming queens"

like how the **** are they so certain? has the journalist slept with all of them? then it said below that these are the straight ones, we're completely certain they're completely straight!

how laughable. in my opinion sexuality is fluid anyway, you shouldn't put labels on people. In my view everyone is bisexual to a degree. I know I am, i'd shag anything

If I had to name some celebs who myself i'm pretty certain are gay, i'd come up with this list;

tom cruise
john travolta
george clooney
simon cowell (screaming)
tom daley (see above)

you see I just don't get the whole justin bieber, harry styles, taylor swift must be gay stories. maybe these people and ones similar to them are gay, but nothing in their lifestyles or in the way they act is exactly sending off my gaydar.
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