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So, we've been discussing vile journos who persist in using friends and family as column fodder? Well....In this case, a girl's best friend most certainly isn't her mother... The DM's fee may cover about thirty mins of the kids' public school fees, but imho the real cost to this family is somewhat higher
Vile! Vile! Vile!

Facebook entries will fade, but in 5, 10, 20 years time anyone in the world will be able to google her daughters name and still find the story. This Daily Fail has even published a photo of the 14 years old daughter in skimpy clothing.

What the moron mother fails to understand is that while comments like ‘slut’, ‘tart with no self-respect’, and "that her parents must be ashamed to have a daughter who ‘looked like a prostitute’" are strong and offensive, there is a difference between posting them once in relation to a single incident, and abusive comments day in day out.

Thanks to her mother those comments are being seen by thousands of readers, and will be returned by search engines when pervs search for years to come. Thanks Mum.
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