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Ha so predictable as usual ( well done Catrin).
DM editors sit around wondering which femele childless columnist they can pass off as a caring loving Auntie.
Of course LJ and JSP were out,I suspect Sam Brick may have been a possible,but if she has nieces they may be too much competition beautywise. So the buck stopped at Plattell.

As for Sibary,that article is appalling.I don't care if her daughter said it was OK ,she is 14 fgs.The woman is sick

One thing about LJ and the 16 cats.
Didn't she minesweep the feral cats from Somerset and take them with her? ( cruel )
These cats would be neither house trained or neutered surely? So she has the in her bedroom? WTF

Maybe I got that wrong ,but I thought only a couple were actual pets?

eta. I am not getting how Aunt Mandy gets to be godmother without attending the christening?odd if possible
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