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It's definitely going to give children a warped view of sexuality. If these early experiences are unpleasant and frightening, then of course the child is going to grow up thinking that sexual contact with others is unpleasant and frightening, and certainly not something to be enjoyed.

Another unfortunate effect is that the child may form the view that men are disgusting and cannot be trusted, which is what happened in your case.
Thanks for your post. I was expecting 'get over it' responses but both your and skp's posts are very kind.

Luckily the disgust aspect towards men has faded with further experience and obviously I am, ahem, more mature now but I have never been able to trust. I've always felt drawn towards my own sex, whether as a result who can say, but that was a no-go area in my youth so I did not go down that route.

Talking of disgust, that was expressed about same-sex relationships at the time I mention. As we see, much has changed there for the better. I feel cheated!
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