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Why should it, as they'd already have been paid no matter what.

Perhaps if the likes of Britton & Quirke had had to wait for their payments, they'd have been more motivated to stay thin. It looks like neither have much willpower and shows people do anything if the price is right....
BUT to keep the job and be part of the promotion you have to keep the weight off. If Pauline had managed that she could make even more money this year from the advertising campaign. I do not know if Fern got any money for dieting/gastric band business. I know Jessica Simpson got something like $4 million from WeightWatchers, did not lose the amount of weight expected and then got pregnant again! Hilarious. I am sure WeightWatchers were furious. I cannot believe they would part with so much money if you did not keep to the contract. She was supposed to lose 60lbs and do a year's advertising promotion for WeightWatchers.
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