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Yes, it is the support which is beneficial and liaising with police and probation officers keeps the whole on a professional level.
Absolutely. I still read this thread every day and it is refreshing to see the more reflective nature of the posts at the moment.

Obviously, there is no one solution that will work for all offenders, but I think that the more options available will help prevent more instances of abuse. I sincerely believe that the ability to discuss the sexual abuse of children in a rational manner will help those who have been abused to come forward as it removes some of the stigmatisation associated with it. I believe some who have been abused feel ashamed, and that obviously needs to be changed. Hopefully the big change that comes from all this coverage since JS will be that people are now aware that it is more commonplace than they might have previously thought, and the abused will know that they are not different or alone, and that society wants to support them.

The article about the Canada circle of support is here:

By the way, I also think that perhaps we could do with a few more do gooders!
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