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Thanks for your post. I was expecting 'get over it' responses but both your and skp's posts are very kind.

Luckily the disgust aspect towards men has faded with further experience and obviously I am, ahem, more mature now but I have never been able to trust. I've always felt drawn towards my own sex, whether as a result who can say, but that was a no-go area in my youth so I did not go down that route.

Talking of disgust, that was expressed about same-sex relationships at the time I mention. As we see, much has changed there for the better. I feel cheated!
Haha! (Not laughing about abuse obviously, but your comment about feeling cheated).

My younger sister experienced abuse, and is gay. My mum, bless her, still hopes it is a phase, but also wonders if the abuse made her gay.

And anyone who might say 'get over it'? They can get stuffed!
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