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They sound very close to their surrogate and have used the same lady again.

A question for the FM's posting bile - just how do you expect two gay men to have children? Ask The Stork? Make a wish and look in the cabbage patch/gooseberry bush?

Or is it just that you don't like the idea of gay men becoming parents?
I think you're probably right unfortunately-people do seem more upset about the fact that they are gay than their ages.
As far as I can see,both children were planned,wanted and will grow up in a home where their parents love them,and each other - sounds pretty good to me.

As for the double standards thing - I seem to remember that when the guy who played Scotty in the original Star Trek tv series and his wife had their last child he was almost 80.
There were a lot more people congratulating him "for still having lead in his pencil" than there were saying that he was selfish.
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