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BUT in Les Mis, people were laughing at how bad the trailer was. Even Anne Hathway looks ridiculous.
You mustn't be reading the same reviews/blogs etc that I do - almost everyone I've read, and everyone I know, loved the trailer! And the majority of people have loved the film.

Of course Anne Hathaway looks ridiculous - she's playing a woman at the bottom of the social heap who's forced to turn to prostitution to save her child's life. Not the Disney princess role she usually plays. And she sounds astonishing - that's how I Dreamed A Dream should sound in my mind - it's a melancholy, woe is me song, not something to get the audience cheering - it's belted far too often on stage, whereas Anne seems to be really thinking about the lyrics.

The actors can sing (for the most part), and they're singing live, which is the beauty of it - it's raw and real. If you're expecting autotuned pop perfection, you'll be disappointed - it's not a happy plot, it shouldn't sound happy, and it's about normal human beings, so it shouldn't perfect either. If you go in with an open mind and don't expect perfection, on the other hand...
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