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I think the consensus is that have money, can have anything! There are at least two issues in question re the Elton John parenting situation. Firstly, I would just like to clearly state that homophobia is a horrible choice of attitude to have and should not be tolerated. My deceased brother was gay, and always said that he believed that his sexuality/lifestyle dictated that he would never have children, but that was his choice. Had he been heterosexual, he said, he would definitely have had a family. I concur 100%; a child ought not to be raised by two gay parents, male or female, it does not provide the equilibrium required to evolve into a stable, well-balanced individual. Then there is the inevitable teasing by other children and possible ostracisation. Secondly, should a celebrity be able to buy a baby just because he/she can afford to do so? I do not dispute the fact that any child sired and raised by Sir Elton and David will want for nothing, financially, but everyone should start the process of becoming parents on an equal footing. How many couples acquire serious debt just to be able to embark upon IVF treatment? I wish them both, their son and the child they are expecting, all the best for the future, in the hope that the outcome is positive but it is, imo, a potential recipe for disaster. If one fast forwards 16 years or so, one can see the children being engulfed by a hedonistic lifestyle one would wish on no individual.
BIB - With respect, that is an incredibly outmoded and narrow perspective. Families now come in all shapes and sizes and I'm kind of dismayed that there are still people around who believe that a same-sex parental unit lacks the fundamentals that contribute to a child's well-being.

As for 'possible ostracisation', seriously, what decade are you living in?
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