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Nonsense. Elton has been with David for twenty years. If parenthood was such a pressing commitment for either of them it could have happened when they were both young enough to see a child through to adulthood. This isn't about 'circumstance' but the choices they have made.
I think that's rather rude tbh.

If you disagree with me, far better and more polite to say 'I disagree' rather than your terse 'Nonsense'. Anyway, back on topic.....

If Elton has been with David for 20 years, 45 is late in life to find your dream partner. Many straight couples wait to have children. Why should gay couples be any different? And as to your comment that the child will want for nothing means money, that's an incredibly short sighted view. The child won't want for love either, as Elton and David appear to be incredibly loving parents. I disagree with you completely there.
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