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I'm not disagreeing with a lot of the above as far as Elton himself is concerned (he IS a hissy-fitter and I don't see that changing, I think it's very much part and parcel of who he is) but it also doesn't mean that he hasn't grown up in other ways and is not a good, conscientious and responsible father. And really, Madonna is just as much a self-involved hissy-fitter as Elton but I also think she's shown herself to be a good conscientious mother so... really, your points are moot, no?
He's definitely a hissy-fitter of the first order, but as long as his children aren't subjected to that behaviour, there's nothing wrong. David seems a very level headed bloke, so I'm sure that Elton's diva-ish behaviour is balanced out by his relative normality.
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