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re - the age debate.

Anyone can die at any point; I think we all have examples of young people who have become parents and subsequently died soon after - so there are (of course) never any guarantees.

That aside, the fact remains that the older you get, the higher your chance of death. If Elton was 80 (which he will be in 15 years), and was embarking on this, would you seriously think that was right? He might indeed get to 80 and want a 3rd child - which he will have the money to acquire. Should it be de rigeur for anyone - no matter what their age, to be able to acquire children through whatever means necessary? An 85 year old woman who has always regretted not having kids deciding to adopt or use a surrogate? Is that fair on the child?

I think Elton & David (like many celebrities) are using the child(ren) as pets.. I can imagine Elton in his silk smoking jacket looking at a website and squealing when he sees an ickle baby that takes his fancy. As I said before, having children is a privilege and not a right (IMHO) and age should be taken into account.

Sexuality is irrelevant.
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