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I'm not disagreeing with a lot of the above as far as Elton himself is concerned (he IS a hissy-fitter and I don't see that changing, I think it's very much part and parcel of who he is) but it also doesn't mean that he hasn't grown up in other ways and is not a good, conscientious and responsible father. And really, Madonna is just as much a self-involved hissy-fitter as Elton but I also think she's shown herself to be a good conscientious mother so... really, your points are moot, no?
Not really because Madonna's parenting choices have not been the same as Elton and David. The two issues which concern me is paid surrogacy and the age of both parents. Madonna is the same age as David but the fathers of her children are both normal ages - her children (who are, in any event, older) have been able to/will grow up with parents, or at least one of a suitable age. Her adopted child will not have the same identity issues as Zach and his sibling (adoption, especially international, brings it's own issues but that is not part of this debate). If Elton and David had gone through proper assessment for adoption some years ago when they would have been likely to be approved, I would have no issue with their parenting.
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