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I just turned over to Channel 4 news to hear someone claim that 4 out of 5 rapes in the UK aren't reported to the police, according to the Office for National Statistics - how could they possibly know that? if its not reported, how do they know it happened? am I missing something? I wondered if she might have meant 4 out of 5 rape charges don't end up with a conviction but I just rewound the footage and she definitely said the conviction rate is very low and 4 out of 5 aren't reported to police at all according to statistics from the ONS released today. Can anyone help explain that at all?

ETA - I just had a thought - do they base the statistics on information from hospitals and/or womens shelters maybe? perhaps I answered my own question...don't mind me
Yes, I'm sure this would be based on anecdotal evidence, women's shelters, rape crisis centres, perhaps even on surveys of people to see if they have been victims of sexual abuse.

I know that two extensive surveys conducted in the UK and Ireland in the last twenty years indicated that child sexual abuse is astonishingly high....perhaps as many as one or six or even one in five adults say they were molested as children.
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