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As I've said on another thread, my own mother was 33 when I was born, my sister was born 10 years later. My dad was two years older than my mum. My sister always felt that our parents were too old when she was born as they were sometimes mistaken for her grandparents. Their attitudes - which were very old fashioned - were shaped by WW2 in which they both served. My grandmother was born in 1890, and had my mother when she was over 30, which makes my sister and I only one generation removed from the Victorians.

I like to think that any child born to older parents today wouldn't feel like my sister did and still does, despite our parents both being dead for nearly 20 years. I don't believe in women of over 50 becoming mothers, but I think that gay people wanting children is a different matter. Gay couples may leave it a long time to have children in their lives because they have to consider the pitfalls of parenthood even more deeply than hetero couples, and they have no choice but to go down the surrogacy route.
I think I have real problems with applying different rules to men and women where social policy is concerned. If it is wrong for a woman to become a mother over a given age (presumably you mean by surrogacy, IVF or adoption) why is it right for a man to be treated differently? More particularly, given you seem to argue gay couples should be allowed to use surrogacy when older than straight couples, does this apply to lesbians in your argument (given what you have said about mothers?) See the difficulties? This would amount to (unlawful?) discrimination on the grounds of sexuality. ! have a lot of sympathy for gay couples who want to have a family life caring for a child but they do have choices other than paid surrogacy routes, such as adoption or fostering. I know professionally and personally many fantastic couples and single gay men and women who are wonderful care givers to children biologically unrelated to them. That doesn't mean that we should sanction paid renting of women's wombs (usually in third world countries for people who don't have Elton's wealth and influence).
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