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OK, point taken re the LA's and adoption & fostering by gay couples. But that doesn't answer my question. What about couples who want their own children and not someone else's?

Do you think they shouldn't be able to have them if they can find a woman who'll act as a surrogate? I agree with DD, the BiB is totally outside the remit of this conversation and a different matter altogether.
My point is that I would support surrogacy arrangements where the donor mother (of the egg) and more particularly the surrogate mother (whose womb is used) enter into the arrangement for non commercial reasons. In other words, not for payment (other than reasonable expenses). Which is in fact the law here (as opposed to certain states in America - hence Elton's new residency there). That ensures the mother is not exploited, makes it more likely that she will play some part in the child's upbringing (because statistically she is likely to be related or a friend of the couple or individual) and at the very least the child will grow up knowing he or she was not 'bought'.
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