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BIB - I think that's unfair, Pru. And really, unless you know him, is just your perception of him. I don't know him and can only go by what he himself says about the effect parenthood has had on him, and that's that it's been an overwhelmingly grounding and lovely thing for him. Just my impresssion. That's he's in his 60s and a bit long in the tooth for it is a fact, but not one that - JMO - entitles people to think it's a shallow experience for him.

Of course it's my perception of him and of course I don't know him; as in everything on here, it is all based on opinion and perception. IMHO, Elton is a thoroughly spoiled man (you alluded to this earlier when mentioning his documentary) and whilst I don't doubt he has matured since then, I do personally think that he has the money to be able to think he can buy whatever the hell he likes - inlcuding children.

I don't think his age makes it a shallow experience for him - his temperament does that - but his age is something that should have made him stop and think. Some people don't have children earlier in life for whatever reason and then have left it too late; it's unfortunate - but we shouldn't embrace a society that just allows ANYONE to acquire children irrespective of age and personality.
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