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Secondly, the plot was awful. Well, maybe not awful, but very average, and a definite cheat in terms of crime drama - the only reason the audience didn't know who'd done it until the end was because they weren't given all the information the detectives were (we weren't shown where the tunnel led, or the family tree they found on the computer). There was no great 'aha' moment where it all clicked - instead, we were given the missing information about the tunnel and the family tree, and the solution becomes obvious. Didn't really need Poole to solve it, did it - Mr Bean would have done as good a job.
I think the audience were given enough information. True, we weren't shown where the tunnel went, but we were shown that there was one. We could have at least suspected that it might have gone to the barn. And no, we didn't have the family tree, but we were told about the worker who was killed and that the girlfriend had been sending money to a disabled mother on another island. We could suspect these might prove relevant.
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