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I think Tarantino was right there, Guru-Murthy a minute before had to be corrected 'and the rape..' pause by QT...'there is no rape in the movie.'

Guru-Murthy pushed the same question a number of times about violence...why do you like making violent films...QT explained very lucidly about violence and the different types and then Guru-Murthy asked a really poor, tedious question about links between film and real violence hoping to get some sound bite and QT's old stuff it's poor and QT was there for to advertise the film...and Channel 4 were doing it to get people to's a mutual win-win.

Django Unchained addresses slavery etc that's really more important than some hackneyed Daily Mail question by Guru-Murthy who should have known better.

QT was answering with energy and giving very good clear answers and was full filling his part of the bargain on the interview...I really don;t like it when interviewers try and score points.


The 'interviewer/questioner' asked 'what's it like being a Skype father?'
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