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Charmed I'm sure. Even lazy old me has picked up on the fact that gun control is currently America's No.1 topic. One that even Quentin 'Chicks Who Love Guns ' Tarantino understandably would not wish to get drawn into at this time. [Edit: Btw the above first paragraph was the only part of your post that was up at time of replying].
Yeah but QT has had this same statement put to him over and over again. Sandy hook is nothing new, USA has had a lot of shootings in schools and each time they drag out the same old scapegoats. Kill Bill interview he had the whole "V Tech" shooting questions asked, and I am sure he has been linked to lots of shootings.

Sandy Hook caused teh Mass Effect (a computer game) facebook page SPAMMED with hate mail about the game causing the shootings. Its a space shooting game with aliens and spaceships and weird looking things.

Same with in the 80s and heavy metal was on trail for many stupid reasons.

Although I do agree America and its gun issue is MUCH deeper than the movies it makes and enjoys. Its sexual the love they have for guns over there. its VERY strange for a non-American to witness (I honestly felt quite unnerved when I was shown a high powered assault rifle in someones living room)
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