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Sometimes it is not a question of religion at all. The hospital chaplain is usually more than happy to sit and chat with any patient regardless of religion...their role is to listen to patients and their worries. Patients often find it easier to talk through their worries to a comparative stranger than to family or friends or with busy staff ( I don't mean medical worries but it could be just more general things)

Slightly O/T but my local vicar used to pop in to see my husband at our home when my husband was terminally ill. They talked almost exclusively about rugby for hours. She knew we were not particularly religious and respected that - no mention was made of religion. The vicar felt that as my husband lived in her parish, then he was one of her flock ( so to speak) and was basically there for him regardless.

edit...........when I was in hospital many years ago, the hospital chaplain used to visit me each evening to help with my A level revision! That was the way he could best help me!
Sorry, just catching up with posts. Thats really nice whatever helps! I bet some kids would be seriously disappointed if they were given homework in hospital - like there's no escape from homework lol. I imagine it would be quite comforting if you were otherwise on your own, to have someone to talk to like that...I 'only' have my parents to talk to most of the time, or friends on twitter. I know my mum was getting a bit fed up in the ward she was on over Christmas because other patients had loud relatives who would visit when she wanted to get rest...
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