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Tarantino really behaves like an ass in this interview. He also states he is there to plug his movie.

Much respect to Krishnan for giving him some tough questions.
QT got what he deserved imo. 'This is a commercial for my movie' Oh dear.
But the point of the interview IS to plug the movie which is about slavery not violence.

Questions about film violence relating to actual real life violent action is both tired, lazy, unsubstantiated and on Daily Mail level which I would not expect from Channel 4.

Much better to highlight the point of the movie which is slavery which still happens today Krishnan didn't even bother talking about the subject of the movie just part of the narrative of the movie, violence, which is par for the course with QT but is surrounded by a social comment...i.e. the issue of slavery. That is why QT was annoyed - lazy sensationalist interviewing...there was no tough questioning required when a 'Hollywood' director has made a film about slavery that America and Europe should be ashamed of...especially Europe where it is still happening in various forms.

Highlight or sensationalise? Krishnan went for the easy lame sensationalise. Rather disappointing.

And QTs violence has always been done with class.

Just look at the ear cutting scene in Reservoir Dogs that is always mentioned; you never see any ear cutting what you see and hear is some music and an amazing performance by Michael Madsen which fills in things that you never see. Great direction and great acting -less really is more in that situation.
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