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Not the biggest ever, but Kate Winslet winning for the Reader was a bit of a 'crap, she's been nominated 6 times for better films we better hurry and give it to her'. Her performance in Revolutionary Road in the same year was far superior. BUT she should have won for Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind. She was amazing in that.
Agree with all of this, except that it wasn't a shock in any sense. It was a pretty much cert.

In recent years, I think the biggest shock was Crash beating Brokeback Mountain in 2005, as the latter had won just about every other Best Picture award all award season till that point.
Yep, biggest shock for a while.

The greatest shock in oscars history would be anything half decent ever getting nominated ,Every year its the same old same old artsy fartsy rubbish that makes bugger all at the box office getting all nominations

The Blockbuster awards or the MTV movie awards are more realistic than the farce that is the oscars ffs even the Razzies are
Absolute rubbish.
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