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I work as a nurse in Scotland and have to undergo a full disclosure/criminal records xheck on employment. Haven't had to fill one in since 2005 though, however if convicted of anything since I eould be suspended and ultimately fired.
I work in a college with 16-18 year old students (and older, obviously) - I had to complete a compulsory half days child protection training in 2005 and we had a computer program thing that talked about some relevant laws and what to do if we see anyone being bullied or if someone confides things to us, just a quick refresher 'course' if you can call it that but I think alot of people don't bother completing it as they keep mentioning at staff meetings that everyones supposed to do it but records show very few have completed it.

I don't remember having to complete any forms for criminal record checks or anything - I was offered the job the day after the interview and started work a few days later (in 2002). There are young students that live on campus but I guess they don't think its high priority to insist on such things?. If I see bullying when im working on my own, I'm not the best to deal with such things and warn people off, I'd probably be nervous of getting shouted at myself lol im really not the best at dealing with disruptive students, even though I'm at least a decade older than most of them - I really need to get more confidence for that sort of thing... I can't imagine a student deciding to confide in me either, I think I tend to look quite stressed so they gravitate more towards the others (who are too quick to point out my shortcomings to the students sometimes - ugh ). I'd like to seem/be more approachable but oh well...anyway sorry, prattling on again(!)
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