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I don't understand why people insist that she was a beard. They are both young, successfull and attractive (I know that not everyone will agree, but it's my opinion), and they got the opportunity to meet through the business. Plus the relationship was a little too ill timed for it to be good PR (Taylor litteraly jumping from guy to guy), and the 1D fandom can't stand any time Harry gets linked to any girl.

They were really not an obvious match to most people, but Taylor had made it known that she was interested 6 months ago at least... Plus I don't think that she really needs to be somebody's beard now, even I know that she is huge (and I don't like her).

And people seem to love the idea that Harry is gay... I really don't understand why, but if it's how they feel, well, they are perfectly free to do so, just like I am free to disagree with them.

And that last PR article to save Taylor's good girl image by saying the break up happened because she would not put out as often as he wanted is PR catastrophy IMO.
Are we supposed that a non-virgin 23 year old was so preoccupied by her wholesome reputation that she decided to not have sex with her boyfriend (a supposed womanizer) in the confines of their private room when they both entered very publically through the front entrance of the hotel in front of the paps?
You make some good points and especially the last pharagraph!
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