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'The Day I took Jimmy Savile to meet my dying grandmother'
Audio clip - James Whale
What an awkward memory to have...I'm not sure I'd be comfortable with any male gynecologist, let alone him lol I try to only see female GPs but then most of my issues are female issues I suppose

I didn't want to call in to work sick today though ive been off colour because I know I'd have to have a return to work interview with my male boss and I don't want to explain what the issue was (even though he's quite nice generally) - happy days(!). Luckily I felt better by the afternoon though...been very depressed this week, works not helping, being treated pretty bad - im clamming alot up but dont feel I can just bring up such things at work or otherwise *sigh* anyway, going off topic sorry. I'm off to bed(!).
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