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I was appalled and sickened when I read the key elements of the report on Jimmy Savile on Sky News yesterday. However, I did notice a glaring ommission.

It was generally known that Jimmy Savile was a strict Catholic and attended Church regularly. Yet, there was no mention of this downright hypocrisy, and bearing in mind the recent publicity of the past few years of Paedophile Priests, there seems to be no evidence (according to the report) that Savile had connections with any paedophile ring. My view is that there may have been some evidence, and since further revelations might have been more damaging to the church, this fact may have been covered up.

I could be wrong about this of course, but I wonder what other forum users think?
Well, we know that he frequented the childrens/boys' homes in North Wales & Jersey and the paedo-parties in London, where there were paedophile rings involved....

Seems just like yet another cover-up to me :-/
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