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True, Chely wright came out eventually though (admittedly she's no where near as famous as Taylor), and IIRC the Dixie Chicks are in favour of gay marriage (I don't think any of them are gay though), as is Dolly Parton*, so it's not as conservative as it used to be I don't think.

*Her sexuality is another matter entirely lol.
But then recently Carrie Underwood spoke of her support for gay marriage and got a ton of abuse from her own fans. I remember reading comments from her 'former fans' on articles about it saying how disappointed they were with her, how they would never buy her music again and they were getting rid of all the CDs they owned, that she was going to hell just like the gays etc. The Westboro Baptist Church, in their infinite wisdom, blamed her for the Sandy Hook Shooting, saying it was revenge for her supporting gay rights.

There's plenty of bigotry, prejudice and ignorance still around in Country music and fans of it. It's sad but not unexpected, as the other poster stated, the fans are mostly always in Red states.
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